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Posted in Colour, For Sale, Illustrations, Non-Commercial by Lorenzo on May 29, 2010

Here’s two images I rather liked that came out of some experimenting for schoolwork.
Second image is for sale.

These are illustrations to the story “Knights” by Daniil Kharms (Даниил Хармс). Here’s an excerpt to this image:

– Now then – said the doctor and, having grabbed Zvyakina, tied her tightly with the rope. Then the doctor, paying no attention to the loud cries and wailing of Zvyakina, placed the chisel to her jaw-bone and struck the chisel hard with the hammer. Zvyakina began howling in a hoarse bass. Having shattered Zvyakina’s jaw with the chisel, the doctor grabbed the pincers and, having engaged Zvyakina’s jaws, tore them out. Zvyakina howled, shouted and wheezed, covered in blood.

Copyright 2010, Lorenzo De Waele

Copyright 2010, Lorenzo De Waele


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