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Day 10: Favorite Candy.

Posted in 30 Day Drawing Challenge, Drawings, Non-Commercial by Lorenzo on March 18, 2012

Copyright 2012, Lorenzo De Waele

I’m a day behind on the challenge! But I’ll try to do both today, we’ll see if I manage to.

I can be a pretty boring person sometimes. For example: I’m not a huge candy muncher. I used to enjoy candies more, but upon realizing many candies are made out of products derived out of slaughtered animals (hides, bones, organs, what have you) I think they lost a lot of appeal to me personally.

(disclaimer: that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to enjoy candy!)

So I thought about what it is that I do enjoy munching on when I have some cravings, and being a boring person I enjoy munching on tasty animal-free cookies every now and again. (I know. YAWN.)

There was some nice natural light so I figured I might as well draw them as I see them today instead of doing something simplified or what have you.

I already finished all of them before uploading this image. Nom.


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