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Day 14: Favorite Fairytale.

Posted in 30 Day Drawing Challenge, Colour, Drawings, Non-Commercial by Lorenzo on March 21, 2012

Copyright 2012, Lorenzo De Waele

Well as always I followed my gut feeling instead of thinking about what my fave fairytale is for hours. Unfortunatly the first thing that came to mind was Little Red Riding Hood which made me go “Lame.” because it’s such a cliché, but there you.

I have to admit though I always did like that story, especially the part where she got devoured by the Wolf and somehow managed to… survive? And then got cut out of there by the Hunter and replaced by rocks?

Anyway, that’s what I remember… So I drew that bit, before the Hunter freed her. Again, it’s not perfect but I really am limiting the time I’m spending on these.

I ran out of black ink so all I had was some watered down shitty ink, also my black marker gave up on me… this means 2 things: 1. I’m gonna have to get new art supplies and 2. I had to darken the image a bit in photoshop. Ah, technology.


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