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Day 17: Favorite Plant.

Posted in 30 Day Drawing Challenge, Drawings, Non-Commercial by Lorenzo on March 24, 2012

Copyright 2012, Lorenzo De Waele

Favorite plant? What? Anyway, I love all plants equally so I again went with the first one that popped in my mind: the peace lily. Very easy to take care of and an incredibly good air purifier. Also, quite pleasing esthetically when it hasn’t grown too huge and in-your-face about itself.

Bought a new black marker so I decided to use it, then halfway through it I glanced at the clock and said “look, you don’t really have to fill it up in black entirely. It’s fine. Upload it and get some sleep.”

I then turned my page around and noticed that the ink bleeding through my paper actually made for something rather beautiful.

Copyright 2012, Lorenzo De Waele

I only got home about an hour or so ago. Followed a workshop on animation today. It was pretty neat.


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