Lorenzo makes things

Day 21: Something You Want.

Posted in 30 Day Drawing Challenge, Drawings, Non-Commercial by Lorenzo on March 28, 2012

Copyright 2012, Lorenzo De Waele

I want these logo things!

No, not really. I actually couldn’t think of anything at first (good sign I suppose?) but after a while I realized I’ve always sort of wanted to adopt either a cat or a dog from a shelter, only my housing situation in the past years has been unstable. Where I live currently I can’t adopt one either because the situation isn’t ideal (apartment) and I’m not the only person living here. Curses!

Anyway I started drawing dogs and cats from photos but very quickly gave up on that due to extremely boring, and tried to make some more simplified, personal line drawings. I liked these two and did some cut/paste work to put them next to one another, to make this image.

Also, I have no idea why I didn’t give the cat eyes because it doesn’t make it look very appealing even though I really do like cats. But there you go. I was going to ink them too, but then I didn’t. I’m a rebel.


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