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The Brothers Karamazov – Alyosha

Posted in Drawings, Non-Commercial by Lorenzo on May 4, 2012

Copyright 2012, Lorenzo De Waele

Reading Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” left a pretty big impression on me, so it ended up translating into a few drawings. This is the last of the three brothers: Alyosha.

From Wikipedia: “He is described as immensely likable. At the outset of the events, Alyosha is a novice in the local Russian Orthodox monastery. His faith is in contrast to his brother Ivan’s atheism. His Elder, Father Zosima, sends him into the world, where he becomes involved in the sordid details of his family. In a secondary plotline, Alyosha befriends a group of school boys, whose fate adds a hopeful message to the conclusion of the novel.”


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