Lorenzo makes things

For the woman who died in June in the room next to mine.

Posted in Colour, Inktober 2016 by Lorenzo on October 11, 2016


Sometime on the 1th of June, in the middle of my fourth week of chemo, I was in my room in the hospital focussing on not vomiting and I picked up quite a bit of movement in the hallway. Doctors, nurses, regular people.

I asked one of the nurses as she was checking up on me and she mentioned you and that things weren’t looking too good.

I saw a lot of your family members waiting outside of the room next to mine, where you were. Through the wall I heard people praying and singing to you for hours. I dozed off and abruptly awoke to rushed footsteps from nurses and doctors. The prayers and songs had turned to tears.

I know nothing about you and I’ll never get to know you but I still think about you a lot.


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