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I’m not sure either.. (included a larger scan of the figure because why not)

Ecoline / A4


What’s holding your heart down?

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What's holding your heart down-web

Borrowed the title from Azeda Booth’s “Well’ which was playing as I was finishing this quick drawing.

Ink & pencil / A4


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This drawing is a commission for a friend, who asked me to draw him an elephant quite a long time ago. I was pretty insecure about this one, partly because I’ve never drawn an elephant before and partly because making commissions can be rather stressful to me (in terms of hoping they like the final product).

So here’s what I gave him. He immediately gave me a new assignment so I suppose that’s a good sign.

A3 / charcoal, red blue & black ink, pencil


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A super quick and simple little experiment using acrylic, paper, and a sharp needle. This is clearly incredibly rough but I felt like uploading it either way. Kinda feel like working on this idea more thoroughly in the future.

Acrylic paint, A4


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Another one from the drawing meetup. My friend was using some acrylic paint so I asked if I could try something with it as well. I quite like those boots.

Ink, pencil & acrylic paint / A4


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Last sunday some friends and I had a short drawing meetup. This is one of the results I came up with.

Black & blue ink / A4

Drawing from life / Jan. 30th

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A simple portrait study, drawing from life. Thanks to my friend for wanting to pose for an hour..

Graphite / A3 paper


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Another pose study quite similar in pose to my last post. What’s it with me and backs?

Based on this photo by Tumblr user BenMcnutt.

Graphite on A4.

Quick self portrait – Nov. 28 2015

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Quick self portrait - 28 november 2015

A quick self portrait, pretty rough & “unfinished”, uneven eyes and all. Dunno if it looks like me.

Ink & graphite on paper.

Right Hand / Red Flag

Posted in Drawing, hand, ink by Lorenzo on November 11, 2015

right hand red flag

Yesterday’s drawing. Kept going back and forth over whether or not I like it. Still unsure.

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