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Shoulder study.

Posted in Colour, Drawing, ink, inktober, Inktober 2016, pose study by Lorenzo on October 17, 2016


Another study, this time based on this photo by Tumblr user Znau.

Ecoline / A4


Spring Blackout

Posted in Drawing, face, glasses, graphite, hand, male, man, person, plants, portrait, study by Lorenzo on December 16, 2015

Spring Blackout

I really wanted this study, based on a beautiful portrait, made for the spring Blackout in 2015 by photographer and artist Rakeem Cunningham, to turn out well. He does these fantastic portraits with plants and flowers… but I started quite poorly by fucking up the scale of the photo and therefore not providing room for the flowers he used. Didn’t want to give up on it though but I do feel like I could have done a way better job. Nonetheless, in the spirit of keeping myself drawing, I think I should share it with you guys.

Graphite / A4.

Phongchaq – study

Posted in Drawing, portrait, study by Lorenzo on November 5, 2015


An (incomplete) study in graphite, based on this photo by tumblr user phongchac​.

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